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Founded by the Schlacht family in 1987 in Langley BC, Glenwood Valley Farms Ltd has evolved into one of British Columbia’s leading greenhouses with 23.5 acres of state-of-the-art glasshouses.

Variety of
Fresh produce

The farm is dedicated to producing a variety of fresh produce, including long English Cucumbers, Mini Cucumbers, Bell Peppers and Strawberries with a commitment to year-round cultivation using the latest technologies.

Strategic Partners

Glenwood works in partnership with the Star Group to distribute its freshly grown produce to consumers across BC and Western Canada helping bolster Canada’s local food supply.
It is this commitment to local, year-round food production that pushes Glenwood to consistently position itself as an industry leader in innovation and sustainability.



A hallmark of Glenwood’s commitment to innovation was the organization’s early adoption of LED lighting technologies. Glenwood helped pioneer the use of LED lighting in British Columbia’s greenhouse sector with adoption of the technology helping to significantly increase crop yields and energy efficiency.