For the last twenty five years we pride ourselves on being Greenhouse
Growers of hand pickled, locally grown BC Vegetables. We have expanded
our line of Vegetables to Long English cukes, mini cukes, eggplants, mini
peppers, hot and spicy peppers and red crescendo peppers. Our vine
ripened produce ensures the freshest taste while maintaining the highest
level of Food Safety.
In the demand for a perfect looking
vegetable in today’s world some of the
product would be considered a # 2 grade.
These vegetables are perfectly good to eat
but cannot go into the #1 food chain.
We take these vegetables and in a way re-
cycle them into a wonderfully tasting value
added products such as our Red Pepper
Jelly and Red Pepper Relish that is made
from our red crescendo peppers, our Bread
and Butter Pickles that is created from our
mini cukes or long English cucumbers. The
list goes on and on.  This process has
reduced our waste considerably and the
end result has created many kinds of our
own Brand of Preserves and of course adds
value to our company.
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